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We take pride in serving the city of Kingsport and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. Founded in 2019 as a CrossFit affiliate on Main Street in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee.
We are strong in our beliefs that a solid program of fundamental but challenging workouts with great coaching, along with proper nutritional planning, is the key to overall fitness.

Our mission at CrossFit RailBirds is to foster a community where people can come together and support each other’s greater development journey.

We care about the whole person. We want our community to continually develop a stronger and more resilient mind, body, and soul.

Our Vision is to provide a welcoming atmosphere where people can be themselves and feel supported no matter where they are on their fitness pathway. We are here to provide our community with a fun, caring, and scalable competitive environment.

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We go at your speed

We have athletes at every level of fitness. Our culture is focused on creating an atmosphere of competition without the downside of uncomfortableness and recklessness. We encourage going at your speed. Your victories are our victories. We all growth through each other.

Functional fitness

We focus on helping you get better at living your everyday life. We scale each workout to meet each person where they are on their fitness journey.

Become Stronger

Our coaches focus on individual attention to help you achieve your individual strength goals. We want to help you grow your abilities through consistent coaching.

Focus on form

We want each person to primarily learn how to lift properly. It is not about how much you lift or how fast you go, it’s about being safe and doing the proper form.


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Members Testimonials

If you are looking for a fun encouraging group of people to work out with, then look no further. CrossFit Railbirds has great staff and coaches. I’ve been going for almost three years now. It has been so rewarding to track progress and see improvements not only in myself but in other members as well! Every workout is scalable to all fitness levels, so intimidation is not an excuse! At 6 months pregnant I have been scaling everything with the help of the coaches making sure I stay fit and safe for baby, delivery, and recovery. It is wonderful to be part of a community like CrossFit Railbirds!
Rainey Garland

Our family moved to Kingsport in August 2018. My husband and I had both done CrossFit previously and were anxious to find a new box. After visiting CrossFit Railbirds for a Saturday workout, we knew we found our new gym home. We love the community and family atmosphere! Everyone is encouraging and we love the kids room where our boys can witness our hard work.
Billy & Jeria Robinson

CrossFit Railbirds and CrossFit have changed my life, physically and emotionally. The coaches are outstanding, supportive, and the atmosphere is very family orientated. I have grown strong in both my physical and emotional state because of CrossFit Railbirds. In the 101 class Scott kicked my butt and it brought me back to life, something to focus my stress and energy into to overcome problems, and give me strength to defeat them. I love and recommend this place to any and every person I talk to. The coaches guide you to build up the form, and then strength. The rewards of this box is not only physical, but also an environment to meet great people.
Teresa Triplett

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